E-navigation Testbeds



Name of testbed: HERMITAGE

Location of testbed: The Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland  – the Neva River – Lake Ladoga – the Svir River

Time and duration of testbed: 2016-2020

Status (planned, completed or on-going): On-going

Contact person(s): Marat Ismagilov  (Marat.Ismagilov@kronshtadt.ru)

Testbed website: Will be submitted  later

Organisation(s) involved:

  • Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation,
  • “Kronstadt Group”,
  • “Transas”,
  • Federal Maritime and River Transport Agency,
  • North-Western Basin Branch FSUE “Rosmorport”,
  • Basin administration “Volgo-Balt” etc.

Funding programme and budget: Federal target program “GLONASS”,  Research and Development “e-Sea”, 5 million euros.


Improving the safety of navigation, efficiency of navigation and environmental protection through the implementation of e-Navigation technologies on ship, shore and pilot segments.




«HERMITAGE» – FIRST E-NAVIGATION TESTBED IN RUSSIA – Report at the e-Navigation Underway International 2017 conference ( link http://www.ialathree.org/content/uploads/2016/09/1030-Marat-Ismagilov-Hermitage-First-e-Nav-Testbed-in-Russia-%E2%80%94-v2.pdf  )

Please download the information for registration of the Testbed “Hermitage” here.