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Technical Area

IALA is establishing the S-200 domain, in consultation with IHO. This domain uses the range S-201 to S-299 for product specifications compliant with the IHO S-100 standard, covering fields within the IALA remit, including Aids to Navigation (AtoN), Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), positioning systems and communication systems.

IALA has worked closely with IHO and other bodies to develop S-200 product specifications within its areas of responsibility, in particular AtoNs and VTS. A supervisory structure (IALA Guideline 1087) has been established within IALA to manage its domain, which, with the approval of IHO, has been allocated the numbering series S-201 to S-299.

The IALA eNAV Committee oversees this work through the Harmonization Working Group (WG1). IALA Guideline 1106 sets out the process for preparing S-200 product specifications and has been revised and updated as experience has been gained. 2 product specifications (S-201 and S-240) are ready for review and approval and several others are under development.

PS No.                            Title          Developer  Field Manager             Status          Edition
S-201 Aids to Navigation Information JEPPESEN/KRISO/USCG

For eNAV WG1

N Ward Completed for review Working Draft 0.0.1
S-210 Inter VTS Exchange Format VTS WG2 R Hoogendoorn Under development  
S-230 Application Specific Messages eNAV WG1 P Hooijmans


S-240 DGNSS Station Almanac KRISO for eNAV WG5 Cho Yonghun Completed for review Draft 0.0.2
S-245 eLoran ASF Data GLA for eNAV WG5 P Williams Under development  
S-246 eLoran Station Almanac GLA for eNAV WG5 P Williams Planned  
S-247 Differential eLoran Reference Station Almanac GLA for eNAV WG5 P Williams Planned