These documents give a detailed overview of a specific topic. Currently this includes: NAVGUIDE; VTS Manual; and Preservation Manual. The NAVGUIDE covers all aspects of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) and is updated every four years at each IALA Conference. The VTS Manual covers all aspects of Vessel Traffic Services and is updated every four years at each Symposium.

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ID Title Last revised date Price Format
IALA Lighthouse Conservation Manual v1(book + CD) 80.00 Hard Copy: English
IALA Manual de conservacion de Faros (libro + CD) 80.00 Hard Copy: Spanish
IALA NAVGUIDE 2014 digital copy 20.00 PDF: English
IALA NAVGUIDE 2014 paper copy 30.00 Hard Copy: English
IALA VTS Manual 2016 Digital copy 24 June 2016 Free PDF: English