Xanatos Marine Ltd.

Xanatos Marine specializes in integrated Maritime Domain Awareness solutions which enhance situational awareness and aid in the control of maritime activities, security of human life at sea, safety of navigation, neutralization of illegal activities, Search and Rescue (SAR) and/or support environmental stewardship. Xanatos Marine's proprietary TITAN software line fuses multiple sensors on to a single display platform and enables each of the sensors to interact with each other. The TITAN system also allows a single sensors data to be sent to multiple Authorities/Stakeholders eliminating the need for each Authority/Stakeholder to set-up their own sensor network. Over the past 15 years Xanatos Marine has implemented over 20,000 systems and products ranging from Coastal Monitoring Projects and Port & Harbor systems to small monitoring systems and sensor equipment. Xanatos Marine works with the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide fully integrated turn-key solutions for Safety, Security and Environmental Stewardship.

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Name Danielle Thompson

Position Director of Operations

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370-18 Gostick Place

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Telephone 604 904 2200