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About UPnP Forum UPnP Forum is an industry initiative whose goals are to allow devices to connect seamlessly and to simplify network implementation in the home and corporate environments. A member-based Steering Committee provides Forum leadership and business direction, while several technical working committees identify and define UPnP services, device control protocols (DCPs) and usage scenarios. UPnP Forum members include more than 1000 leading companies in connected devices. These companies are providing products in computing, printing, networking, consumer electronics, home appliances, automation, control, security, and mobile products. Since its establishment in 1999, UPnP Forum has managed these impressive accomplishments: • The world’s leading standard (ISO/IEC 29341) defining device interoperability interfaces • Billions of installed devices • Every home router and media NAS • Every PS3 and Xbox 360 • Most connected TVs, Blu-ray players, and smart phones • Every Windows PC since Windows ME • Every Wi-Fi device with Wi-Fi Protected Setup • More than 1000 members; basic membership is free About UPnP Technology The UPnP architecture offers pervasive peer-to-peer network connectivity between PCs of all form factors, intelligent appliances, and wireless devices. The UPnP architecture is a distributed, open networking architecture that leverages TCP/IP and the Web to enable seamless proximity networking in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices in the home, office, and everywhere in between. UPnP technology targets home networks, proximity networks and networks in small businesses and commercial buildings. It enables data communication between any two devices under the command of any control device on the network. UPnP technology is independent of any particular operating system, programming language, or network technology. UPnP+ enhances the UPnP experience so that any device can securely interact anywhere. UPnP+ will be backwards compatible with previous UPnP, but will enable additional features including IPv6, cloud based sharing, mandatory device security, and a number of other improvements. The UPnP architecture supports zero-configuration and automatic discovery whereby a device can dynamically join a network; obtain an IP address; announce its name; convey its capabilities upon request; learn about the presence and capabilities of other devices; and leave a network smoothly and automatically without leaving any unwanted state information behind.

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