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The Software Radio Technology plc (SRT) group is the global leader in Automatic Identification System (AIS) based maritime safety and security systems. Our target market is the world’s 26 million vessels, millions of buoys and tens of thousands of ports dispersed across millions of miles of coastline and over 370 million square kilometres of seas, lakes and inland waterways. AIS is a sophisticated maritime domain awareness communications and tracking technology standard developed and maintained by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) under the supervision and direction of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). It enables accurate and reliable identification and monitoring of moving entities using a combination of radio and GPS technologies. The 2002 SOLAS Agreement by the IMO instantly created AIS as a global maritime technology standard through the mandated carriage of a Class A type AIS transceiver on all ocean going vessels over 300GT worldwide, today AIS has been adopted globally and sits at the core of most maritime domain awareness programmes. Our highly experienced in house technology and product development teams, develop core AIS technologies from which we create, manufacture and supply derivative products and systems customised to individual customer and market requirements. Our solutions provide customers with sophisticated, reliable products which are customised in form, brand and function to their specifications thus enabling them to provide their resellers and end users with high quality products. Our global customer network is diverse, reflecting the large and highly fragmented global marine market. Our solutions address a diverse range of maritime applications where AIS technology delivers a significant advantage and is thus being rapidly adopted to complement traditional marine technologies such as radar. Applications include; vessel tracking, fisheries management, port efficiency, waterway management, security, search & rescue and environment monitoring. We have built a global reputation for advanced high performance technologies and products which perform reliably in the field. Authorities, customers and end users alike confidently rely on our expertise and high quality solutions to enhance their maritime domain awareness.

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