State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine

The State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine (SHSU) is a national hydrographic office established within the framework of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The main tasks of the SHSU are as follows:

 Fulfilment of international commitments of Ukraine pertaining to safety of navigation, in particular hydrographic surveying of the seas and oceans in accordance with the IHO standards, maintenance of aids to navigation (AtoNs) in the seas and inland waterways within the zone of responsibility of Ukraine and ensuring their continuous operation in conformity with the requirements approved by IALA;

 Compilation and distribution of nautical and pilot inland charts, Sailing Directions and Notices to Mariners;

 Development of the AtoNs system by means of development and implementation of new methods, techniques and technologies in the fields of navigation, hydrography and cartography;

 Lighthouses renovation involving the energy-saving technologies (solar batteries, wind power stations, LEDs, etc), modernization of floating aids to navigation through use of plastics, flashers with LEDs modules and implementation of the Automatic Identification System (AIS).


Sergii Symonenko, PhD
Head of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine
23, Gagarina Avenue

Tel: +38 044 292 32 98
Fax: +38 044 292 32 98
Website: http://

Products: Base stations, Ship borne, Fog signals, Batteries, Diesel generators, Hybrid, Solar, Wind, Monitoring and control systems, GNSS / DGNSS, Radar reflectors / RTE, Construction, Maintenance, Operations, Others, Buoys, Flashers / Lamp changers, Lamps, Lanterns, Lenses, Lighthouses, Moorings

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