Vega Industries Limited

Vega Industries Limited is a global leader in design and production of navigational aids and optical, electronic and electro-mechanical instruments.
Established in 1972 in New Zealand, Vega have built a global reputation for technological innovation with superior navigational solutions providing safe guidance around some of the world’s most dangerous waterways.
Product design is focused on optical performance and the Vega LED range incorporating solar-panels offer some of the highest energy efficiency and performance capabilities in the market. Manufacture utilises high performance, high efficiency and high reliability, marine alloys to provide strength, dimensional stability and heat conduction for cooling.
Vega maintains ISO 9001:2008 Quality System certification for design and manufacture of all its products. Vega is an Industrial Member of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities.
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Arjen Maarleveld
Chief Executive
21 Heriot Drive
New Zealand

Tel: +64 4 238 0200
Website: http://

Products: Aid to navigation application, Others, Shore stations, Transponders, Batteries, Others, Solar, Monitoring and control systems, Beacons, Flashers / Lamp changers, Lamps, Lanterns, Lenses, Lighthouses, Others

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